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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT): Program Registration

Thank you for your support of the CERT Program and your commitment to strengthen collaboration between community members and emergency responders.

THIS PAGE IS TO REGISTER OFFICIAL CERT PROGRAMS ONLY, not to register individuals or individual teams sponsored by a local CERT Program. To be an official CERT Program, the program must:

1. Be operated by a local emergency response organization such as your local Fire Department or Office of Emergency Management and endorsed by the local Citizen Corps Council if your community has one

2. Conduct the CERT Basic Training Course and a CERT exercise at least once a year

3. Have a point of contact to be posted with other program information on the national CERT website

If you represent an official CERT Program, please continue. The information about your program will be posted on the national CERT website. Your information will help individuals interested in CERT from your area to contact you. Being listed in the National CERT Registry will also allow you to share relevant information on CERT and other programs.

Your submission will be reviewed by the State CERT Manager or the Citizen Corps Program Manager before being posted. Once your CERT Program is approved, the CERT point of contact you identify below will receive a password to access your registration page and to update the posted content as needed. This point of contact will also receive an automatic reminder to update the information every six months. Thank you for keeping the information on the website about your CERT Program current.

If you have any problems with completing this form or with updating your posted information, please contact us at

Thank you again for your commitment to the CERT Program and the effort to train community members and include them in supporting local emergency services.